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Pacific Crane Maintenance Company (PCMC) was founded in 1990 in Long Beach, California. Today, PCMC is the premier provider of cargo handling equipment and maintenance services to the maritime industry in North America, staffed with over 1,000 steady ILWU mechanics.

PCMC contracts with shipping companies, terminal operators, port authorities, the Pacific Maritime Association, intermodal equipment providers, and equipment manufacturers to provide complete maintenance and repair service programs for all types of automated and non-automated shore-based cargo handling, cargo container and transport refrigeration equipment. PCMC has long-standing contractual relationships to provide complete maintenance and repair service programs to many of the busiest terminals on the West Coast of the United States. PCMC is the maintenance partner for the only fully automated terminal designed from the ground up on the West Coast.

PCMC’s expertise maximizes equipment uptime, availability, performance and efficiency in equipment operation. Safety and customer service are our top priorities as we work to keep cargo moving.


PCMC’s size and diversity allow it to provide the following service offerings while maintaining a high level of service to all customer accounts:

  • Full-service maintenance and repair programs on all cargo handling equipment.
  • Full-service warranty programs on all container handling equipment.
  • Automation planning, consulting, implementation, and maintenance and repair services.
  • Consulting and engineering services for all container handling equipment.
  • Technical expertise, engineering, and QA/QC support in maintenance and repair, trouble shooting, and damage repair on all cargo handling equipment utilized on the waterfront.
  • ILWU Labor relations management.
  • Dedicated environmental health & safety training, and loss prevention program.

Terminal maintenance Services


  • Mechanics are trained in Motor Control, Drive Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Wire Rope and Rigging, Fiber Optics, IO Communication Systems, and maintenance of medium and high voltage (5KV and 12KV) power supply systems, and advanced welding.
  • PCMC maintains over 300 ship-to-shore, rubber-tyred gantry, rail mounted gantry, and straddle carriers.
  • Provides Vessel Shore Power Plug/Unplug services.


  • Mechanics are trained in Motor Control, Drive Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Fiber Optics, IO Communication Systems, maintenance of medium and high voltage (5KV and 12KV) power supply systems, wireless communications, PLC’s, automation software, and automated operations.
  • PCMC maintains automated STS cranes, automated straddle carriers, automated stacking cranes, automated rail mounted gantry cranes, and automated guided vehicles


  • Mechanics are trained and certified in hydraulics and hydraulic repair, rear-end and automatic/standard transmission repair, and advanced welding certification.
  • PCMC maintains several hundred top handlers, side handlers, reach stackers, utility tractors, forklifts, rail yard equipment and miscellaneous terminal equipment.

Reefer / Genset

  • All reefer mechanics are properly licensed for refrigerant handling and recovery, as well has advanced welding.
  • PCMC performs over 60,000 pre-trips annually and thousands of repairs on reefers.
  • PCMC maintains and upgrades several hundred genset units.


  • All mechanics meet the state and federal regulatory requirements, as well as hold advanced welding and electrical certifications.
  • PCMC operates 4 near dock chassis depots across the west coast supporting all three major intermodal equipment providers.
  • PCMC builds chassis tires.
  • PCMC is the largest chassis repair provider on the West Coast.

Specialty Certifications / Skills

  • LA City certified welders.
  • Pipe welders.
  • Advanced electrical.
  • Engineer degrees (both mechanical and electrical).
  • Advanced fabrication and body work.


Offload and Commissioning

PCMC provides complete container crane commissioning and start-up services for new and relocated cranes. We have been involved in the delivery, offloading, commissioning, and acceptance of 67 new post Panamax cranes on the West Coast and more than 300 RTGs and straddle carriers in North America.

Heavy Rigging

PCMC has extensive experience with heavy rigging, ship-to-shore raises and retrofits, and has successfully raised 20 ship-to-shore cranes in the LA/LB harbor.


PCMC has successfully demolished 12 ship-to-shore cranes, including three in Oakland, six in Los Angeles/Long Beach, and three in Seattle. PCMC has also successfully demolished four rubber tire gantry cranes in Los Angeles/Long Beach.


Award-winning Safety Program

PCMC has received industry leading safety awards year after year, including the Gerald H. Halpin Award from the Signal Mutual Indemnity Association.

Photo of The Pacific Companies safety awards


PCMC was founded in 1990 and formed the foundation for what is now The Pacific Companies, which includes PCMC, Pacific Terminal Services Company and Ocean Alliance Logistics. From maintenance and repair, to container yard services, to the efficient and safemoving of cargo, The Pacific Companies deliver full-service maritime solutions.

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